E-Catalogue is a modern way to search for a desired publication or check data in the Library premises, but also from elsewhere.

The National Library of Montenegro "Đurđe Crnojević" maintains the national system of catalogue-bibliographic information COBIB.CG using the COBISS platform. It is a public, online accessible e-Catalogue with information on collections of 32 Montenegrin libraries: the National Library, the University Library, the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts’ Library, the Historical Institute’s Library, as well as city libraries.

COBIB.CG can be searched in three ways: by entering complete or partial title information (basic), by combining several search criteria (advanced), and by using special prefixes (prefix search).

Search requests with the same form in Cyrillic and Latin can be written in any of the two scripts.
The e-Catalogue contains information about all types of material:

- monographic publications in all types of media: books, cartographic materials, sound and video recordings, photo documents, printed music;

- serials and magazines;

- articles from newspapers, magazines and proceedings.

PLBD’s e-Catalogue is part of the COBIB.CG system that can be accessed here.
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