Every citizen is eligible for Library membership, as well as foreign residents. When enrolling, adults need to show a personal ID or passport with a photo. Membership is annual and is valid from 1 January to 31 December of the current year. The annual membership fee is € 5. During each visit to the Library, users are required to verify themselves by showing a membership card.
Using General and Children's Collections, and Foreign Literature Collection
It is possible to borrow three books for a period of 15 days, and one of them may be a school required reading. Foreigners can borrow one book. Users with a membership card of a particular department (Children’s or General Collection) can borrow materials from the appropriate department. Exceeding the loan period entails a daily fee of € 0.10 per book. If damaging a book, members are obliged to replace the damaged book with a new one or to compensate for the value of the damaged book by paying the threefold present value of the damaged book. If losing a book, members are obliged to replace it with exactly the same one, or to pay the threefold current value of a lost book.
Using other Collections
Reference and Local History Collections, as well as collections of periodicals and non-library material are used in the Library’s reading room.
Interlibrary Loan
If it does not own a book in its own collections the Library organizes a loan from other libraries in Montenegro on behalf of its users.
Members can search the
e-Catalogue PLBD, in the Library or elsewhere, as well as catalogues of all Montenegrin libraries that are members of the catalogues of libraries from the region . network, and COBISS.NET, Professional staff is available to help users search the catalogues..
e-Reading Room and Wi-Fi
Users can access two computers with Internet access. Wireless Internet is available in all rooms of the Library.
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